Our journey began in the winter of 1984 when a young entrepreneur Mr. RB established a small factory that was engaged in the production of bakery ingredients. The factory was located strategically to reach out to the target customers. The factory as a modern establishment specially designed to satisfy the needs of a modern baker.

Still young, the business attracted a lot of attention and became a huge success. Over the years the business boomed and expanded. It was in the year 1996 that Mr. RB's attention was attracted by the flourishing industry of dehydrated foods and spices. With the help of his associates and enormous encouragement from the family, he decided to enter this new arena of the food industry. A factory was established in a small town by the sea "Mahuva" that was rich and well-known for its quality onions. Initially, the factory produced 230 MT of dehydrated onions and the products were sold to local exporters. Considering the initial success, a decision was made to expand and to enter the international markets.

In the year 2007, we updated our portfolio by adding vegetables and spices and began producing and sourcing these newly introduced products in various variants to satisfy the then current market demand and we continue to do so till date. Strongly believing in our core values we've been moving ahead and making progress with each passing year. In order to offer the best quality products, we rely on team experts with years of invaluable experience in the food industry. The competition had been tough and to standout in the existing competition has always been a massive challenge since day one but with our commitment and strong will we've been successful in achieving our goals.