About us

Dehydrated & Spray Dried Food Products Suppliers

RB Foods is a family-owned company engaged in the production, trade and export of food ingredients. We are a reliable name when it comes to culinary and ingredients solution. We offer a vast variety of Indian origin vegetables, spices and herbs in various raw, fresh and dehydrated forms. We’re based in a region that is rich in modern agriculture. The food products that we’re engaged in are available in close proximity to us.

This enables us to choose the best quality raw materials for processing. Procurement of raw material is a long process at RB Foods, as they are properly inspected before being selected for processing. We’re committed to delivering unmatched quality with the use of modern production techniques and manufacturing practices. We believe in making trust based long-term business relationships with our customers that enable them to rely on us for their needs. Our rational approach and innovative attitude towards our goals make us stand out amongst our competitors.

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